Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We don't have set hours like a brick and mortor store. Rather, we want to provide the most convienence to you, so we are available days, evenings, and weekends. Simply request a specific day & time and we do our best to make it happen.

What do you do with the old oil and packaging?

All oil is recylced at a state approved recycling center. All filters, packaging, and oil containers are also recylced. There is no waste that goes to a landfill!!

Do you leave messes or oil drops?

No messes - Guaranteed! We use absorbant mats with a rubber backing to prevent drips or spills from reaching the ground. We do this for two reasons- to keep your parking area clean and to prevent waste oil from polluting our waterways. We also carry spill kits, degreasers, and absorbant material in the unlikely event of a spill. Spill Kit

I have a new car still under warranty. The dealer said I can only have work done by the dealer or my warranty will be voided. Is this true?

No! Vehicle manufacturers specify the type of oil and oil filter for your car. As long as you have a receipt showing you had an oil change with the proper oil and filter, your warranty cannot be voided! This is a common ploy to get you into an over-priced shop and to upsell you additional services you might or might not need. Easy Street Oil doesn't upsell because we don't sell products nor do we do anything not listed on our website. For additional information, feel free to peruse the Magnuson-Moss Warrantly Act that governs vehicle warranties.

Do you service small engines like lawn mowers, snow blowers, and generators?

Yes! We offer oil & filter changes and battery, spark plug, and air filter changes. Please use the "Contact" page for more information.

Easy Street Oil

Richmond, VA